Jacco Weener

Currently living in Rotterdam (NL)

Jacco Weener works as af visual/performance artist. Next to this he organises events/projects etc in among others Attent, WORM Rotterdam and the streets of Rotterdam.
Studio: Struitenweg 54 Rotterdam


2013 – 2014: Master Religion, Culture and Society (University Leiden – combined with courses of the master program “Western Esotericism” at the University of Amsterdam (UVA))
2009 – 2012: Bachelor Theology (University Leiden)

Selection of productions and project

  • From 2024 onward: multiple outside land work, see artworks page for an overview
  • From 2022 onwards “Buurtbeheer”, a local social housing punk band.
  • First half of 2022: Research into small (migrant) churches in the south of Rotterdam. Publication :june 2022.
  • 2021 onwards : Schande. A lifestyle magazine for the Rotterdam Art World (funded by stichting Droom & Daad)
  • Winter 2021 : Ik, Jacco Weener radioplay. Radioplay about the influence of 1950’s Rock and Roll on the popular culture. Premiered on Concertzender on 29th of november 2021.
  • Spring 2021: Project with Cantos Deus about Christian Anarchism and Socialism. The result will be performed in the summer of 2021. (funded by Fonds Podium Kunsten en Droom & Daad)
  • 2021: Trumpets of the Apocalypse (Walkie talkie edition) Voluntary Fire Brigade of the Apocalypse, Euromastpark Rotterdam.
  • Oktober + november 2020: Research on churches in Rotterdam Zuid. Serie of performances with Cantos Deus and Radio Play for Concertzender. (funded by Prins Bernhard Fonds)
  • 25+26+27 september 2020: Slopera, Operadagen Rotterdam, regie: Hajo Doorn en Louis van der Waal
  • 2019 onwards : Performance workshops on the streets of Rotterdam. Participating non-artists to create and participate in performances with me and other artistis (funded by Muncipality Rotterdam and Stichting Droom & Daad)
  • 27 november 2019: Open Hart, Open Space performance in W139 (amsterdam)
  • 2 May 2019: Damned Act- Performances and a parade on the streets of Rotterdam North.
  • 16 december 2018: Going to Scum City. Performance with Rowan van As for WORM-Rotterdam.
  • 29 November 2018: 6 hour fairytale performance with Rowan van As, Jacco Weener, Maarten WH and Louis van der Waal at Ubik Gallery (Rotterdam)
  • 19 April 2019: My Fight With Rowan, Motel Mozaique- 8 hour fight performance.
  • Summer of 2017: Rap Kids Workshop (to make experimental hip-hop with the kids of Rotterdam South
  • 20 oktober 2016: Performance for “Maand van de Performance” in Concordia, Enschede.
  • 24 june 2016: finale of “Practices in Occult EU Influence” in Amsterdam.
  • 18th june 2016: Summer parade in Oud-Charlois to celebrate the coming of summer (for art festival Charlois Speciaal)
  • 2015 and 2016: Museumnacht in Worm Rotterdam.
  • Winter 2014 to Summer 2015: Speach Box – Put a confession box on public and non-public places and see what the people tell. (with Ekklesia (=student church), Tentakel festival and Worm Rotterdam)Besides the above I also perform very regularly at places like music stages, cafés, small art gallerys etc.


  • Winter 2020: Dodendans- A series of paintings presenting an new vision of medieval paintings. (funded by CBK Rotterdam)
  • 17-19 August 2019: Apocalypse Art – Platform Bieute (Coulanges (FA)
  • Oktober 2018: Attent (Rotterdam) with Josine Slemmer, Annabel Storm and Sandra Gnjatovic.
  • September 2017: voice4thought Leiden – Scheltema Complex
  • 23-25 juni 2017: Humber Street Gallery in Hull (combined with residency)
  • 9-12 february 2017: Art Rotterdam- Small exposition + film screening.
  • Winter 2017: A serie of religious painting/icons on cardboard. Exposed at Worm Rotterdam during the Ver uit de Maat festival on the 18th of december. After that I used the images as part of my performances
  • October and November 2016: The backdrop and stage effects for the opera: “That Happy Breed” (directed by Dominic Robertson) premiered on 19th+20th of december in UBIK (Rotterdam)
  • 18 maart to 1 mei 2016: “Shifting Spaces” in W139 Amsterdam. (combined with residency)

Since 2010 I have made numerous posters and flyers for events and publications. 



  • November 2023: Residency with WORM Rotterdam and Cafe Oto in London.
  • 5-19 august 2019: Residency for the end of times – Coulanges (Fa)
  • 23-25 june 2017: Humber Street Gallery in Hull For Hull City of Culture. (uk)
  • 18 maart to 1 mei 2016: “Shifting Spaces” in W139 te Amsterdam.
  • December 2014: Artist Run Residence in Wissenkerke, Zeeland.
  • March-April 2013 Open Makers aan de Markt (Leiden)


  • 2021: Ley lines in Oud-Charlois
  • 2020: The Trumpet (met voluntary firemen of the apocalypse)
  • 2019: L’intolerant 19 (met Woodstone Kugelblitz)
  • 2018: Jacco Weener Presents (Worm Rotterdam + Mondriaan Fonds)
  • 2018: Waar slapen de kroegtijgers van Oud-Charlois (Charlois Speciaal + CBK Rotterdam + Rotterdam Muncipality)


  • spring 2019: “Pietje Bell in Rotterdam Noord”  filmed with the kids of Rotterdam North, Lukas Simonis and Marit Shalem.
  • Winter 2016-17: “Kindertheater Zuid”, with Lisanne Hoogerwerff. Short experimental children movie about the kids of Rotterdam South. Premiered at Art Rotterdam 2017
  • June 2015: “De Waterreus”. With Lisanne Hoogerwerff. Premiered at OBA in Amsterdam (central public library) during a festival curated by the VPRO. (public television broadcasting)Awards:2021: Nomination Popunie Stimuleringsprijs.



2023: (Buurtbeheer) Vechtclown/Rat 7″ vinyl
2023: (Jacco Wanneer) Superstar – Vinyl record
2020: (Cantos Deus): I’m your Child – 7″ vinyl
2019 (Cantos Deus) Interweaving – CD (religious no wave project with Lukas Simonis and Bruno Ferro Xavier Da Silva)
2019 (MOWA) Dirt Road – 7″ vinyl
2018 (Jacco Weener) Night Music – Digital
2017: (Jacco Weener) split with Sterk Water – Cassette out of print/sold out
2015: (Jacco Weener) Soundtrack of “De Waterreus”- Digital on Smikkelbaard Label
2014: (Jacco Weener): Het Patriarchaat – CD out of print/sold out
2013: (Gul Night Out): Gul Night Out – CD out of print/sold out
2012: (Gul Night Out): Scheveningen – CD out of print/sold out
2012: (Gul Night Out): Jongens van het Buurtbeheer – Digital
2011: (Gul Night Out): Live with The Julie Mittens – CD out of print/sold out
2011: (Gul Night Out): Karen Carpenter Release – CD out of print/sold out